Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets for Under $30 (2015 Reviews)

Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets for Under $30

When choosing a gaming headset, it is important to take a look at various factors so that you don’t end up buying an expensive, outdated model that has various problems and issues or cheap materials.

That is why we’ve compiled a list of the best 10 gaming headsets that you can buy in 2015. These are all top rated and highest reviewed headsets that users have tested, and we’re going to tell you the good and the bad about each and every one of them.

1. Qisan – $23.79

Qisan Stereo Game Earphone Headset With Microphone Volume Control For PC Computer Gaming

The Qisan gaming headset is the only one on the list that currently holds a 5 out of 5 star rating. It is a new model that was released this year and is perfect for playing games and listening to music. It has a soft cushion pads for your head and ears as well as adjustable bands so that you can fit it over your head perfectly.

This unique gaming headset delivers a very clear in deep bass for all your gaming needs and has a flexible microphone that will help you position it exactly wherever you needed to pick up your voice clearly and crisply. The microphone also has a great sensitivity at picking up sounds, so that you don’t have to worry about having to adjust to many settings because your microphone is too quiet, which is a common problem.

Users who left ratings and reviews on this headset said that it is worth the money and that they would buy it again. One user said that the sound is good and that it is a very comfortable to wear. Also the quality of the headset is also very good and the color and design is beautiful. These were most of the reviews that users have left so far about this particular headset, and there were no negative things to say about it.

2. Beyda – $20.99

The Beyda is our number 2 ranked gaming headset with 4.8 out of 5 star ratings. It is currently being sold for a little over $20 and can be shipped using today shipping. This headset helps bring your games to life and creates a vivid sound field as well as sound clarity and a sound shock feeling. The pads for your ears are very soft and comfortable to wear for long times of gaming and it is very nice for a budget headset.

3. eTopxizu – $23.93

This headset by eTopxizu is the 2015 a new version that was just recently released. It works wonderfully for gaming as well as a video messaging and calls on your computer. The sound quality is great and the microphone quality is also good.

4. Hausbell Kotion Each G2000 – $20.99

This is a great gaming headset that has a very sharp look to it. It comes with LEDs that glow in the dark and there are even LEDs on the mic and on the outside of the headset, as well as a soft under glow between the ear cushion and the headset. The cord length of this headset is also very nice, which is a good change because it seems like many headsets have very short cords and there are unable to navigate cluttered desks. The mic quality as well as the sound quality is also great and is well worth it for a budget headset. One user who left a review said that they had no problems hearing footsteps in CS:GO.

eTopxizu ET3000 PC Gaming Headset

5. eTopxizu ET3000 – $22.93

The ET3000 headset from eTopxizu is the blue version of the headset that was listed above. This one is slightly cheaper and comes in at $22.93 but has a very high rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. For this price the microphone is amazing and looks very cool. It comes in a black and blue theme and has LED lights that glow whenever you’re using it. The sound quality and this headset is also very awesome and gunfire from FPS games comes in very crisp and realistic.

6. AFUNTA G1 – $13.99

These are the cheapest headsets that we could find online right now that still got great customer reviews and a high rating. This is currently the number 1 new release on Amazon in the Mac game headsets. It’s perfect for playing games and listening to music and it is very light in weight so it will be comfortable to wear along with its soft cushions for your head and ears.

Users who have worn and use this headset find them very comfortable to wear and the sound quality that is way better than expected. The headset simply plugs into a headphone and microphone jack on your computer and the cable is about 6 feet long, so you decide if that’s enough room for you.

7. Forestfish G2000 – $26.89

This is a great gaming headset that is very comfortable to wear and has a very high sound quality that makes it perfect for gaming as well as watching movies and television shows. The sound quality is very precise as well, especially for a budget headset such as this one.

These headsets light up with LEDs and there a very adjustable so that you can find a comfortable location for them no matter how big your head is. It can also be plugged with a USB cable, which is how the LED lights are activated.

8. iRainy Salar Series – $18.99

This is the iRainy Salar Series gaming headset that is priced well below most other gaming headsets and it has a very high quality and unique look to it. It is very comfortable to wear and the sound is also very nice. Users who have used this headset said that other people don’t have any issues with hearing them.

9. SteelSeries Flux – $18.99

SteelSeries is a brand that you can trust. This gaming headset is at a whopping 73% discount currently from nearly $70. It is created in a very sleek and white look and designed to be travel friendly so that you can game on the road without having to carry around bulky headphones everywhere you go. There are many features for this headset they are going to have to read about on Amazon, but it is a very well-functioning headset that has a lots of cool features that make it nice and high quality, especially for the price.

10. Sades SA-738 – $22.99

Our last gaming headset is the Sades SA-738 that is very affordable and well rated online. This headset delivers clear sound and deep bass that will give you a real game experience and has a very fashionable futuristic look along with LED lights that are designed on the ear cups. It also comes with noise reduction functions that will allow you to pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove all of the unnecessary outside noise that just gets in the way. The only problem that you might run into with this headset is that it may not fit on your head. Sometimes the ear cups are uncomfortable. Another user was having problems with the headset not working after a couple of months because only one side of the ear piece actually work.

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