Redragon M990 Gaming Mouse Review

Redragon M990 Legend Gaming Mouse
The Redragon M990 Legend is a wired USB gaming mouse build for PC gamers.

Redragon has earned a reputation for building high quality, affordable gaming products that appeal to the budget conscious gamers and streamers on Twitch. The Redragon M990 gaming mouse is another offering that will yet again appeal to the MMO gaming and streaming crowd.

Redragon M990 Gaming Mouse Quality & Build

Right off the bat, the high-quality construction of this mouse is a highlight hard to miss. The texture of the mouse is very nice, almost matte-like, giving your hand a firm grip without forcing you to clamp down. The aluminum base is extremely light-weight as well, but tough enough to handle fact, active motion / wear & tear. The USB cable is tightly braided, meaning you don’t have to worry about a frayed cord killing your mouse early.

We found the mouse also tends to stay clean longer. If you’re anything like me, that’s a huge plus. 🙂

One of the Best Button Layouts we’ve tested!

The included Redragon software saves up to five customizable mouse profiles, giving you the freedom to customize the mouse for each of your favorite games on Twitch! Out of the 24 buttons on the mouse, 22 are programmable to work any way you want. We especially loved how the 16 side buttons are built in a zig-zagged pattern, making them easy to quickly distinguish by touch alone.

As with most MMO mice, there’s a slight learning curve attached to this mouse since the buttons take some time to get used to. However, once you get the feel down, it’s smooth sailing. The left and right-click buttons are extremely accurate and have a tactile response to them. The extra left-click button is a welcome addition without getting in the way. While intended for right handed gamers, but it also works in a pinch for left handed gamers if you don’t mind losing access the 16 side buttons.

Redragon’s M990 comes with 8 tuning weights, a storage container for the weights, a user guide and a warranty card. Redragon also provides an extra set of pads in case the original ones supplied wear out.

Clearly, the biggest crowd the M990 appeals to are MMO gamers. For most MMO gamers, and especially streamers, having a large selection of buttons is paramount. It allows you access far more hotkeys and controls without moving your left hand. This is critical for those intense battles or situations where every last millisecond counts. The lack of required repetitive movement helps keep your hand more in place, allowing for more ergonomic play.

M990 Precision Tuning

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a chamber in the lower body of the M990 gaming mouse. It can hold up to eight 2.4g weights. Adding a little extra weight helps avoid overshooting targets in stressful situations. It also helps to reduce hand jitters on frictionless surfaces, in case you’re mousepad kinda sucks. The weights can also be removed in case you find that gives you better control over momentum or in case you need quicker motions.

For the serious gamers, there are four buttons, in a row below the scroll wheel, which let you adjust your profile selection and DPI on the fly. Again, you can reprogram these any way you like through the free Redragon bundled software. The M990 Legend has an adjustable DPI up to 16,400 DPI and the ability to function at 12,000FPS with a 1000Hz polling rate! It has an acceleration of 30G and the internal sensor is built by Avago, who are known for their quality hardware. The buttons and switches are made by Omron micro switches who also specialize in manufacturing top-notch products.

Finally, we found the Redragon software package to be another selling point with this gaming mouse. It has all the features of Razer’s Synapse software, but is lightweight with CPU resources and doesn’t force you to register or sign up in order to use it. The software interface is easy to understand and adjust to your personal preferences. The software allows you to choose between steady-lit, flashing and “breathing” light functions on the M990 mouse LED lights. This lets you choose from over 16 million colors to customize the LED lights!

One odd quirk we found was the scroll wheel and logo change colors independently of the rest of the mice lights, no matter which profiles we had active. Kinda weird, but nothing that hurts your gaming.

Coming from a budget conscious company like Redragon, the M990 is bit pricey, but it is also certainly cheaper than similar tiered gaming mice from rival companies like Razer and Logitech.

Thus, we find the Redragon M990 gaming mouse to be great as an entry level grid mouse all the way up to serious MMO gamers looking for a great package at a slightly less than premium price.

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