Craziest Looking Gaming Mouses of 2015

THINKTANK T90 Zelotes 9200 DPI High Precision Wired USB Gaming Mouse Computer Mice for PC, MAC, 8 Buttons, Weight Tuning Set, Multi-Modes LED lights(Black)

2015 has been a year with some of the craziest looking gaming mice that have been entering the market over and over again by companies that you probably have never heard of before. This is both great and bad news depending on how aware you are on the latest technology and gaming mice.

It’s good news if you’re interested in a very cool looking gaming mouse for casual gaming, but it’s bad news when you buy a crazy and wacky mouse and are planning to compete in professional gaming, and have to play around with a very bulky and complicated mouse with 10 different buttons that you don’t know what to do with.

It’s important to not over complicate your gaming set up because you should try to be as simple as possible but not too simple and certainly not too complicated where you are relying heavily on your mouse hand to do all the work for you, whenever your keyboard will better function to make your moves.

THINKTANK T90 Zelotes 9200 DPI High Precision Wired USB Gaming Mouse Computer Mice for PC, MAC, 8 Buttons, Weight Tuning Set, Multi-Modes LED lights(Black)THINKTANK T90 Zelotes 9200 DPI High Precision Wired USB Gaming Mouse

This is probably our favorite mouse in the list and it is a number one new release on Amazon. This mouse is on sale for less than 20 dollars however its retail price is closer to 60 dollars. It has a very adjustable DPI that can go up to 9200 and as low as 1000 with six speed adjustments total.

The THINKTANK T90 Zelotes mouse will also be compatible with all the versions of Windows all the way up to Windows 10 and even on your Mac OS and it works as a simple plug-and-play device.

This mouse also has a fire key which allows you to short press to double-click and long press for more than two seconds to switch to triple click.

Another cool function is that the light flashes three times on the mouse to let you know that you have successfully switched between modes.

UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse16400 DPI, 12000 FPS, 1000 Hz polling rate, 30G acceleration, 100-150in/s cursor speed, and an Avago sensor. Omron micro switches

This is another one of our favorite gaming mice on the market and it has a very high DPI of 16,400. It is a high precision laser gaming mouse that was built specifically for MMO gaming but would be useful for many other styles and gains.

It has 18 programmable buttons and five different savable memory profile so that you can quickly switch between different styles of games and still have your mouth set up with quick and easy access to the way you want to play.

The UtechSmart Venus mouse has 12,000 FPS and a 1000 hertz polling rate along with 30 G acceleration and other sensors and add-ons such as micro switches that will provide you very crisp and firm clicks to give you the best possible gaming experience when it comes to competitive playing online.

Mad Catz Titanfall R.A.T.3 Gaming Mouse for PC and MacMad Catz Titanfall R.A.T.3 Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac

Another mouse that looks very cool was created for the Titanfall game that was released not too long ago.

The Mad Catz Titanfall R.A.T.3 Gaming Mouse mouse doesn’t have a huge DPI and can only be adjusted from 452 3500 using the button on the mouse.

This mouse however does have programmable buttons and you can create custom profiles to be able to sign commands to specific games.

There are only three programmable macro buttons however but you can use nine different user definable commands using three different modes.

You’re going to have to play around with this mouse to get it set up but it looks very cool and unique and will definitely be a nice set up if you’re interested in the design.

YCCTEAM 4000 DPI 10 Buttons LED Optical USB Wired Professional Gaming Mice with NanoYCCTEAM 4000 DPI 10 Buttons LED Optical USB Wired Professional Gaming Mice with Nano, Ergonomic + Aluminium Base, Black

This is another great mouse that has been very popular on Amazon and it is under 30 dollars with free shipping. Although this mouse looks very strange and it looks like it could fall apart in your hand and actually fits very snugly in your hand and the ergonomic shape of the mouse gives gamers a very comfortable gaming experience.

This mouse has a 4000 dpi sensor and you can adjusted between fast and slow speeds while maintaining an accuracy and a fluidity with its optical sensor. You can switch between seven different LED colors and there are 27 user definable commands with 10 different programmable buttons using three different modes.

Best Gaming Speakers Under $100 (Genius & AVerMedia)

AVerMedia Ballista Unity Gaming Speakers, 2.1 Sound System Speakers for Game Consoles / PC / Mobile Devices, 40 Watts, 1 Way Satellite Speakers (GS310)

AVerMedia Ballista Unity Gaming Speakers, 2.1 Sound System Speakers for Game Consoles / PC / Mobile Devices, 40 Watts, 1 Way Satellite Speakers (GS310)AVerMedia Ballista Unity Gaming Speakers

This is the AVerMedia Ballista Unity gaming speakers and they come with 2.1 surround sound speakers that will work for game consoles as well as your desktop computer and many mobile devices as well.

The speakers produce 40 watts at their peak power and are sent to bring you a crystal-clear audio as well as a rich bass sound without any distortion. The speakers were specifically designed for gaming so that you can get the best possible experience with many types of noncompetitive games.

With competitive games and is required to get some quality gaming headphones so that you can hear footsteps and first-person shooter games and any other style of games you will be able to get fully immersed into the gameplay.

The speakers work great however there is a slight static sound that you get if the control box is placed in the wrong position or is too close to the speakers, but this can be fixed by moving it and placing it onto the floor

  • Specifically Designed and Configured for Gaming Audio
  • 40 Watts Peak Power: Experience crystal clear audio and rich bass sound with no distortion
  • 1-Way Satellite Speakers: Twin dual channel 2.75″” satellite drivers and a custom designed 3/4″” ceramic-metal hybrid 1″” tweeter for stunning audio reproduction
  • Front-Facing Subwoofer: Dynamic bass with 5.4″ subwoofer
  • Independent Control Box: Easily access power, volume and headphone jack as well as adjustable bass control
  • Mountable Satellite Speakers
  • Plug and play connection: Supports 3.5mm and RCA inputs
  • Works with PC, Xbox, PlayStation, WiiU, smartphones, tablets, TV, MP3 players, DVD / Blu-ray players and etc

Genius SW-G2.1 1250Genius SW-G2.1 1250 2.1 Speaker System

The Genius SW-G2.1 1250 2.1 speaker system comes with an adjustable volume in bass control and an independent controller as well as a very rich and deep sounding bass from the subwoofer. This is a four piece set up that includes magnetically shielded three inch cones.

The speaker set up has been bought by thousands of people and reviewed by over 900 of them. Many users who bought these rated it with a five star rating and there were very few one, two and three star ratings on Amazon.

Users who bought this speaker set up for their gaming needs said that it is an outstanding sound system and that these were the ones they chose to buy after researching online for many hours for the best possible brand.

  • Adjustable Volume and Bass controls
  • Ultra-rigid MDF wooden cabinet subwoofer with rich and deep bass
  • Total output power 38 watts (RMS)
  • Curvaceous satellite speakers with hook design
  • 4-piece 2.1 speaker system includes control box
  • Adjustable volume and bass controls
  • Magnetically-shielded 3-inch cones
  • MDF wooden cabinet subwoofer with 5.25-inch drive unit
  • Curvaceous satellite speakers with hook design

Genius GX-Gaming SW-G2.1Genius GX-Gaming SW-G2.1 3000 with Two Input Jacks for PC/TV/DVD/Game Devices

This is a no other Genius brand of speakers though it is slightly more expensive than the one up above. These come with a 70 watt set up and should work with any Windows operating system. It is also a four piece gaming set up that uses sonic hardware as well as a heavy-duty subwoofer and a six point five inch driver that will deliver loud bass and very vivid and vibrant sound, that is adjustable by the control box.

  • RMS: 70 Watts
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 85 dB
  • Frequency Response: 35 Hz ~ 20K Hz
  • Operating System: Windows 7/ Vista/ XP
  • Total output power 70 watts (RMS)
  • Wooden cabinet subwoofer with heart-beating bass
  • Curvaceous satellite speakers with metal driver
  • Adjustable Volume and Bass controls
  • MIC jack for online talking with other game players
  • Headphone jack for private listening.Two input jacks for PC/TV/DVD/Game devices.
  • This item is non-returnable

Top EVGA Gaming Graphics Cards for 2016

Gaming video card

1. EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB SC+ GAMING ACX 2.0+

Whisper Silent Cooling w/ Free Installed Backplate Graphics Card

List Price: $679.99
Price: $659.89 & FREE Shipping. Details
You Save: $20.10 (3%)




  • Base Clock: 1102 MHZ Boost Clock: 1190 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 7010 MHz Effective
  • CUDA Cores: 2816
  • Bus Type: PCIE 3.0
  • Memory Detail: 6144MB GDDR5
  • Memory Bit Width: 384 Bit
  • Memory Speed: 0.28ns
  • Memory Bandwidth: 336.5 GB/s
  • Recommended PSU: 600W or greater power supply

Technical Details

Screen Resolution 4096 x 2160
Max Screen Resolution 4096×2160
Processor 1102 MHz
Memory Speed 7010 MHz
Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA
Chipset Brand NVIDIA
Graphics Card Ram Size 6 GB
Brand Name EVGA
Item model number 06G-P4-4995-KR
Item Weight 3 pounds
Product Dimensions 10.5 x 1.5 x 4.4 inches
Item Dimensions L x W x H 10.5 x 1.5 x 4.4 inches
Color Black

Review: The card is really great and it wouldn’t be right to give it any less than the 5 stars that is due it.
On October 5th of this year I bought and received EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB SC+ GAMING ACX 2.0+, Whisper Silent Cooling w/ Free Installed Backplate Graphics Card 06G-P4-4995-KR and I was suppose to receive a game code for Rainbow Six: Siege but it never came. I contacted about this and they sent me a Promo Claim Code : TGP-3DHK-W##D-C9EM-M### when I tried to enter it from the link sent to me, it told me it was an invalid number. I noticed it was looking for a 20 digit code and this only contains 19 digits. I contacted again about this and they tried to resolve the problem but couldn’t, so they referred me to EVGA and EVGA told me I should contact NVidia.
I have been a customer of since they first started and each year I spend thousands of dollars with the company. I have tried to get this problem resolved but now I am getting tired of running all over the place for something that to begin with shouldn’t be my problem. This game code offer was on their site, this should be their problem, not mine. I don’t think I should have to spend countless hours on e-mails and phone calls to get something that I paid for.

2. EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB SC GAMING ACX 2.0

26% Cooler and 36% Quieter Cooling Graphics Card 04G-P4-2974-KR by EVGA

List Price: $349.99
Price: $324.99 & FREE Shipping. Details
You Save: $25.00 (7%)
  • CUDA Cores: 1664Bus Type: PCI-E 3.0Memory Detail: 4096MB GDDR5
  • Memory Bit Width: 256 BitMemory Speed: 0.28nsMemory Bandwidth: 224.3 GB/s
  • NVIDIA Dynamic Super ResolutionTechnologyNVIDIA MFAA TechnologyNVIDA GameWorks Technology
  • NVIDIA GameStream TechnologyNVIDIA G-SYNC ReadyMicrosoft DirectX 12NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync
  • NVIDIA Surround TechnologyNVIDIA SLI ReadyNVIDIA CUDA TechnologyOpenGL 4.4 Support
  • OpenCL SupportHDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and Dual-link DVIPCI Express 3.0
  • EVGA ACX 2.0 CoolingDouble BIOS Ready1.215v+ Voltage Boost
  • Max Monitors Supported: 4240Hz Max Refresh RateMax Analog: 2048x1536Max Digital: 4096×2160
  • Recommended PSU: 500W or greater power supply

Product Information

Style: GTX 970 SC ACX 2.0

Technical Details

Max Screen Resolution 4096×2160
Memory Speed 7010 MHz
Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA
Chipset Brand NVIDIA
Graphics Card Ram Size 4 GB
Brand Name EVGA
Item model number 04G-P4-2974-KR
Item Weight 2.2 pounds
Product Dimensions 9.5 x 4.4 x 2 inches
Item Dimensions L x W x H 9.5 x 4.4 x 2 inches

Review: Just want to start of by saying, over the years i usually just get video cards around the 100$ mark. Just enough to play most games, being able to play games with the settings on max didn’t really matter to me. I was going to get me a new 4k TV and so i figured i would splurge and get me a decent video card this time.

After a few days of looking around i was just stuck with this and had to get it, and im glad i did. Ive been playing the new fallout game, and this thing can play it on ultra settings, at the top 4k 60hz resolution flawlessly. Its amazing!!!! Im very happy with it.

Had only 2 issues with it. First was, i ordered a sound card also about the same time. When i put the video card in, it covered the slot for the sound card. It is a pretty big card. So i couldn’t use the sound card. The other issue, i couldn’t get the new tv to run the 4k resolutions at 60hz at first. They was stuck at 30hz. Eventually i unplugged the new cable i just bought, for all the new stuff, put in my old cable, thats around 4years old lol, and it works perfect @60z.

2. EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB SSC GAMING ACX 2.0+

Whisper Silent Cooling w/ Free Installed Backplate Graphics Card by EVGA

Price: $229.99 & FREE Shipping. Details

Product Information

Style: GTX 960 SSC ACX 2.0+ 4GB

Technical Details

Screen Resolution 4096 x 2160
Max Screen Resolution 4096×2160
Processor 1279 MHz
Memory Speed 7010 MHz
Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA
Chipset Brand NVIDIA
Graphics Card Ram Size 4 GB
Brand Name EVGA
Item model number 04G-P4-3967-KR
Item Weight 2.1 pounds
Product Dimensions 10.1 x 2 x 4.4 inches
Item Dimensions L x W x H 10.1 x 2 x 4.4 inches
Color Black

Review: This card fits in my mini itx case, which is a Silverstone Sugo series that can house a GPU up to 10 inches. This card is 10.125 inches long, and so I was somewhat worried that it won’t fit, specially when I got it and compared its length to the length of my case. It actually takes the whole length of my case. It’s back plate is also touching the liquid cooling radiator. Either way it fits and it is awesome.

Performance-wise it is a lot faster than my EVGA GTX 750 TI FTW (also in the pictures for comparison). It got 1400 Mhz clock speed out of the box, using GPU-Z to monitor. Great upgrade.

I noticed that this card can get hotter than my 750 ti, probably cause its a more powerful card, that and my case is really small, I’ll probably add another exhaust fan to lower the internal temperature. But, don’t let this bother you its a really kickass card. Most of you won’t be putting this into a mini itx build anyway. I took a gamble with this card in hopes that it would fit into my case and I’m glad it did. The pictures prove it and I hope they help.

4. EVGA GeForce GTX 960 2GB SSC GAMING ACX 2.0+

Whisper Silent Cooling Graphics Card 02G-P4-2966-KR by EVGA

Price: $209.99 & FREE Shipping. Details

Product Information

Style: GTX 960 SuperSC ACX 2.0+ 2GB

Technical Details

Max Screen Resolution 4096×2160
Memory Speed 7010 MHz
Graphics Coprocessor NVIDA
Graphics Card Ram Size 2 GB
Brand Name EVGA
Item model number 02G-P4-2966-KR
Item Weight 1.5 pounds
Product Dimensions 10.1 x 2 x 4.4 inches
Item Dimensions L x W x H 10.1 x 2 x 4.38 inches

Review: Every game up to Fallout 4; ULTRA settings!* I have this issue where if you mess with HDMI port or wiggle it a tad bit, the audio output get confused and you get no sound. I thought it was my computer, had to reset it again. But it happened a second time, so I tried unplugging it again. It worked peachy, but found that a tad bit annoying whenever I plugged my headphones through the audio jack on my tower (randomly, might I add), hence the minus star. Either way, I’m content that I’m able to play my whole game list on Ultra. Even when under full load, barely hear the GPU fan, (probably cause its drowned by my case fans, I have 3 140mm). The fans should turn on when its doing work, so don’t fret when your playing a game like Minecraft and you don’t see the fans spinning. So far no issues. Good card for the price. But don’t just take my word for it. Buy one now and see the results you’d be pulling off with this great card!

5. EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti SC 2GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

List Price: $129.99
Price: $109.99 & FREE Shipping. Details
You Save: $20.00 (15%)



  • Microsoft DirectX 12 API (feature level 11_0) Support
  • 300 watt or greater power supply required
  • Base Clock: 1176 MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1255 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 5400 MHz Effective
  • CUDA Cores: 640
  • 2048MB GDDR5 128bit Memory
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC-Ready, 12% Increased Fan Size + Copper Core
  • NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0
  • NVIDIA PhysX
  • NVIDIA Adaptive Verticle Sync
  • NVIDIA Surround, Support for three concurrent displays; dual-link DVI, HDMI, and Displayport 1.2
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready
  • NVIDIA CUDA Technology, PCI express 3.0

Product Information

Style: GTX 750 Ti SC

Technical Details

Screen Size 6.7 inches
Screen Resolution 4096 x 2160
Max Screen Resolution 2560 x 1600
Processor 1176 MHz
Memory Speed 5400 MHz
Graphics Coprocessor GeForce GTX 750Ti
Chipset Brand Nvidia
Graphics Card Ram Size 2048 MB

Review: I bought this for a budget gaming PC for my kids. They were previously using a GTX260. Which while not a terrible card was beginning to show its age. In addition to this their old card did not meet the requirements for Fallout 4. This in my 16 year old’s mind was the equivalent to the end of the world. Enter the GTZ750Ti

My son is a huge modder with Skyrim and the old card just could not stand the pressure. He has been to load many different texture mods and some lighting mods (which he tells me are more intensive) all of them except for the lighting mod maintain a steady 30fps. The lighting mods drop it down to 10. Compared to his old system this is night and day. He is extremely happy with the new video card. Also it passes the Fallout 4 test. So needless to say all is right in his world.

If you are looking for a budget Video Card that will play Fallout 4 or just looking to upgrade this is the perfect card. Also I will mention it does not require a PCIe power source which is a huge plus. Add it to your cart today and you to can help those who have taken an arrow to the knee.

Best 2016 Gaming Laptop: MSI GE72 APACHE-264

Best 2016 Gaming Laptop

In this article we are going to be looking at the best 2016 laptop in the gaming category that comes with a core i7 processor.

The MSI GE72 APACHE-264 17.3-Inch gaming laptop:

The reason we are only going to be featuring an i7 processors in this article is because, obviously the i5’s will soon be outdated within the next couple of years and everyone will be using an Intel i7 Core processor.

Therefore in order to future proof your gaming set up and not have to spend another thousand dollars down the line, we are going to spend a little bit extra and get a better set up that will last us significantly longer than what you are going to get with the i5 processors.

We are also only going to be looking at a 4/5+ star rated gaming laptop that is roughly 17″ in screen size. Depending on how large you would like your screen size when you are gaming, you may want to get something bigger or smaller. If you are playing serious games like CS:GO or COD:BO3, then you’ll probably want to get something larger like a 17 inch laptop.

It is currently being sold for around 900 dollars with a 10 percent discount already included. This laptop has a four point one out of five star rating with about 10 percent of the customers leaving a negative one star rating but almost 60 percent leaving a five-star highly recommended rating and review.

Gaming Laptop: MSI GE72 APACHE-264 Best 2016 Gaming Laptop: MSI GE72 APACHE-264 Top Gaming Laptop MSI 17 inch gaming laptop best laptop for gaming with i7 processor core i7 laptop


MSI GE72 specifications:

As we already mentioned this laptop does have a Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.6 GHz processor and it comes with a large 12 GB DDR3L SDRAM. You get a decently sized hard drive at 1 TB and 7200 RPM and it is a 17.3 inch screen size.

The video card set up in this gaming laptop is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM which should allow you to play most of the most recent gains on high settings. It comes with the preinstalled version of Windows 8.1, which you can downgrade to Windows 7 if you choose by buying a disk or using an old one from an old PC.

Some of the other models that you might want to compare this gaming laptop with include the MSI GE62 APACHE, Dell Inspiron i7559 and the ASUS ROG GL552VW. The most popular one in the list is the Dell Inspiron, with over 200 ratings and a four out of five star overall review.

The laptop weight is just under six pounds, so it shouldn’t be too heavy to carry around and it is significantly lighter than most other gaming laptops.

MSI GE72 APACHE ratings and reviews online

Many users have purchased this laptop and left a rating or a review on the Amazon website. You can also check places like Newegg and other shopping electronics stores online to see what other users are saying. Amazon is usually a well trusted review website where you can purchase and read about the product that you would like to buy.

The highest rated customer review for this laptop was from a lady who said that it was her first gaming laptop and that she was using a regular HP computer before with internal Intel graphics. She said that after she got to frustrated with lag and game crashes she decided to upgrade and get a real gaming laptop so that she could play all of her favorite games with her friends.

She said that the overall build of the laptop is very nice and it has a sleek look to it, even though it is fairly thick. She also said that the hinge that opens the laptop is very sturdy and that it would likely never break. The keys were also comfortable and that she adjusted to using them quickly and easily.

Click here to check the latest prices on the MSI GE72.

Best PC Gaming Headset for 2016

Top gaming headset for 2016

Top gaming headset for 2016The ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset is one of the top and best PC gaming headsets of the year in 2016.

This is the latest release from ASTRO Gaming and they are already on their way to becoming the most popular and top-rated products of the year on Amazon in the category of Computer Headsets.

The A40 TR Gaming Headset is compatible with both desktop gaming computers as well as PlayStation 3 and 4 and Xbox One using a stereo adapter. It will also work with MAC.

The ASTRO A40 TR is currently priced at $150 and is available in both black and white colors depending on your personal preference. The black model is currently much more popular than the white.

The overall look of this gaming headset is very stylish and futuristic. It definitely looks like a very high quality product that the developers put a lot of time into designing and putting together.

To summarize: some of the best features of the ASTRO A40 TR headset is its its tuning specifically for gaming using ASTRO’s audio advancements with technology. Also its mod kit readiness as well as the switchable precision microphone layout gives it more customization than almost any other headset on the market.

The overall look of them gaming headset will also make may people instantly regret not buying one a lot sooner. If you have been using a poorer quality headset for a long time, then this will be a huge improvement.

Another great thing about these headphones are that you can customize them to adapt to nearly any environment, so that they are perfect not only for gaming but also listening to music with lots of bass and watching movies with vocal clarity.

This headset is extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time, so that if you have tournaments that you need to attend or if you want to practice for an entire evening, you won’t have to worry about your ears feeling uncomfortable or your head feeling too pressured from the tight ear cups.

The microphone in this headset is also noise canceling, so that your teammates will be able to hear you clearly and loudly and it will have the ability to be perfectly customized and ready for the latest games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and even some older games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is already being used by some professional players from teams like Optic Gaming and Envyus.

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Rating and Reviews

Although the Astro A40 TR gaming headset is a new release and there aren’t a ton of ratings and reviews to base this review off of, there still many users who have already purchased this headset and found it to be extremely satisfying and a positive experience. There are some drawbacks to this headset that some users have experienced, and you might be interested in learning these before you decide to purchase this headset, just in case it ends up being a huge issue for you and you regret your purchase, which we don’t think you will.

The main reason you would ever regret buying this headset would be if you experience a buzzing sound that some other users have noticed, or if you regret spending the $150 that they currently cost, which is rather expensive compared to many of the other much cheaper headsets available with similar high quality sound and comfortable design.

The most helpful customer review on Amazon was by someone who purchased the headset for their PC gaming computer as well as their Xbox One. This user said that the headset has been great to him and that he has owned them for about a month now.

After buying the headset he realized that you do not need anything except for a stereo adapter to use with your Xbox One or PlayStation 4. All you have to do is run a wire directly from your headset into the stereo adapter attached to the controller. He also said that you are provided with a splitter cable that will allow you to connect your headset to your PC computer and that this splitter also connects the microphone and the headphone jacks to the back of your motherboard or your sound card.

While some users have experienced a buzzing sound from their headset, the large majority of users have not reported such an issue. Most users who experience buzzing or static in their headset or their speakers have not properly adjusted their sound settings. It is important to find the best possible balance between the loudness on your headset settings along with the loudness and volume of your volume settings within your Windows sound manager. Right click your sound and play around with your settings properties with both your headset volume and the volume in your Windows sound properties to find the perfect mix of loudness and sound clarity without that annoying buzzing.

Other users who purchased this headset said that it is amazing because you can use it both for PC and for the latest generation of consoles. He said that overall this is his favorite headset and they only cost $150. For some users this is an affordable price for a high-quality product, but other users might find that saving $100 is possible if you get a cheaper headset with similar qualities. However if you can afford the money, then it is worth it to buy a higher quality product that will probably last longer and sound noticeably better than a cheaper pair of headphones that does a similar job.

Another user wrote in and said that it has a strong bass and an amazing sound. They are very comfortable and soft enough to use for long periods of time if that is exactly what you need, but they are not too soft that they will not fit nice and snugly around your ears and head. Many pros are already using this headset, and if you want to find out why then you’re going to have to purchase a pair for yourself and check them out with some of the latest games.

World of Warcraft Gaming Headset Reviews (SteelSeries Siberia Elite)

World of Warcraft Gaming Headset Reviews

SteelSeries Siberia Elite WoW HeadsetYou’re looking at the SteelSeries Siberia Elite gaming headset that was created specifically for World of Warcraft (WoW) fans around the world.

Some of the features of the SteelSeries Siberia Elite headset include the ability to customize all of the illuminated icons on the ear cups that you should be able to see in the pictures, and you can choose any color that you would like to further customize them with.

Check latest prices ratings and reviews at Amazon

The Siberia Elite also uses the latest next-generation SteelSeries technology in the form of their 50 mm speaker drivers, that create a rich sound using a low frequency power.

Dolby Headphone and Dolby Pro Logic IIx technologies

You can also count on the Dolby Headphone and Dolby Pro Logic IIx technologies to create a beautiful 7.1 virtual surround sound and give you a unique and immersive audio experience with your PC.

Ratings and reviews online for the SteelSeries Siberia Elite WoW headset

A lot of people who bought this headset left a five star rating; in fact there were no ratings other than five-star ratings for this headset.

Ratings and reviews online for the SteelSeries Siberia ElitePeople who left a review about this headset were saying that the headphones are a great product and that they are comfortable to wear and they sound great, and they even look great. There is literally nothing more you could possibly want from a gaming headset, except a lower price.

Another user said that there is absolutely nothing negative that they could say about this headset because they are very comfortable and sound great, and they are also WoW related, which is a huge bonus for him. He said that he sometimes would go anywhere from 8 to 10 hours of playing without taking any long breaks, and his ears would never ache with the headset on and it would never give him a headache afterwards.

CS:GO / first-person shooter games performance

Another user commented that whenever he is playing CS:GO or other first-person shooter games, he is able to hear footsteps from all the way across his screen on the other side of buildings in the game. He also said that the headpiece fits his head perfectly and that the cushions make it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. He said he also really likes the design of the headset overall.

This gaming headset has lots of great features that might justify the high price tag for you. Keep in mind that this headset is currently for sale at a 20% discount from its list price of $219.99. You can currently purchase it for around $175 with free shipping.