CS:GO – Why you may never be as good as the PROS

There are many advantages that professional gamers have that you do not. Because of this reason you will never be able to compete at their level without tons of hard work and dedication to the game and a lot of luck.

You don’t have all day to practice.

As a professional CS:GO gamer, it is the main focus of your life to improve in your gaming ability. That means you are practicing daily for many hours, learning all of the best strategies, flashes and peeks at the game has to offer. You are the other hand probably play a few games per day, and are simply trying to top frag instead of trying to improve on all aspects of your gameplay.

You don’t have access to high-caliber gamers to build experience.

You will never be able to compete against professional CS:GO teams, because you don’t have the experience necessary to compete at their level. If you want to beat the best players, then you have to play against the best players. If you are currently anything below the best ranks in competitive gameplay, then you don’t have access to that high-caliber level of gamers to be able to grow in your skill and experience needed to be some of the best professional gamers. Therefore you are somewhat forced to stay in your skill level, because it’s required to play against better players if you want to improve and be able to compete against is better players.

Your gear isn’t good enough.

Gaming gear and sponsorships are another thing that make professional gamers have a significant advantage over you. Are you using a crappy mouse pad? How’s your computer performing? Can you afford that $300 high-end gaming monitor? If you responded negatively to any of those questions, when you’re already at a disadvantage to some of the elite players for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These players have sponsors that send them free products and they earn money from their gaming so they are able to afford gaming computer builds that are several thousands of dollars, meanwhile most of us are trying to build budget computers for under $1000, and we really don’t have room for $300 monitor.

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